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IPhone 6 藍寶石螢幕

疑似Iphone6 藍寶石屏幕,是真是假?



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全球最多人用的 10 大熱門手機 App 應用程式

GlobalWebIndex 日前公佈了 2013 年第二季熱門手機應用程式排行榜,這些Apps,你也有在用嗎?


1.Google Maps (54%)

Google Maps 支援全球多個國家的地圖,只要一機在手便不怕迷路,奪魁是理所當然的啦!

2.Facebook Mobile App (44%)


3.YouTube (35%)


4.Google+ App (30%)

Google+ 是新興社交平台,實力不容小覷呢!

5.WeChat (27%)


6.Twitter Mobile App (22%)

7.Skype (22%)

8.Facebook Messenger (22%)

9.Whatsapp (17%)

10.Instagram (11%)



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Why Your Company Should Create a Business App

– IT drives Sales

* 55% consumers’ time spent with online retail happened on a mobile device Vs 45% on computers

– Increase Customer Engagement

* Keeping your audience engaged has never been easier by the Push notification message

– Instant Enrollment

* Enrollment is simple and fast. Users can enroll to the app by scanning a barcode/QR code.

– Custom Branding

* Can be a huge differentiator, especially if you’re in a non-digital field.

– Quicker Customer Support

* Real time communication and data availability can assist experts in providing quick support

– Work the way you live

* People are increasingly using smartphones in their private lives and expect to have the same capabilities at work.

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