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  • Is the web dying, killed off by mobile apps?

    As more and more apps become multibillion-dollar businesses. it’s tempting to see them as replacing the web, or taking over from it. This helps explain the periodic outbreak of articles […]

  • AppReview: GPS Thermometer

    GPS Thermometer Features: Most accurate temperature Very Fast location identification as well as temperature display Easy and nice user interface Analogue and digital display Humidity in digital display mode Display […]

  • AppReview: HK Immigration Department

    HK Immigration Department Hong Kong Immigration Department developed Features: Land Boundary Control Points Waiting Time Enquiry Contact Address Electronic Service Information Hotline This is a great app of HK Immigration […]

  • AppReview: MyTv

    What exactly is Mytv mobile app? Mytv mobile app can be operated in mobile devices like smartphones and tablet. The mobile app is a diminutive individual software unit with restricted […]

  • AppReview: WeChat

    WeChat is not only popular for messaging, but also for Voice call and video call. Wonderful features and user suitable condition are the main secret of it’s popularity.   Features: […]