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AppReview: WeChat

WeChat is not only popular for messaging, but also for Voice call and video call. Wonderful features and user suitable condition are the main secret of it’s popularity.



Easy registration with mobile number

Instant text and multimedia messaging

Many features such as free high quality voice and video calling

Available for all popular and common platforms

Completely free

Average Rating:  4.3 Out Of 5


WeChat is a complete Social App developed in China in 2011. Now this is one of the best social app. Now it has hundreds of millions of users around the world. It is competing with ChatON, Viber and WhatsApp. But It has more fetures than these apps and it is more user suitable. It has text messaging, voice messaging, video messaging, voice calling, video calling and many others attractive features. This app is available on iOS, Windows Phone, Android and other popular platforms. Even it is also available for PC.


On home screen, you will see the contact who also using wechat in mobile contacts. But you also can invite friends to use. Anyway, you can tapping their name to chat, also can make some group chat. If you want to send voice message, should tap on the speaker icon and cancel recording by an up swipe movement.

On the other side, you will see a plus sign when tap the contact. Click on that will see many options like emotions, Photo, Camera, Namecard, Location, Walkie Talkie, Video Call, Voice Call, Favorite, Apps etc. Video call feature can make smooth video calling. You can switch from video to audio during video call. Wechat offers the facility to transfer you file from PC to Your Phone.

Besides these, it offers many other features like Moments, Drift Bottle, Look Around, Shake and QQ Contacts etc.
It’s privacy setting is really awesome. Almost every aspect can be controlled from Settings.
Wechat performance is quite well. Video calling and the audio messaging performance is quite well. You can use it over Wi-Fi, EDGE, 3G or 4G Network that can get better performance over better network. So when using it on EDGE, Performance may vary. You can transfer files using wechat without any trouble, also disable useless features.

Considering it’s features, popularity and availability, it can be said that we chat is one of the most powerful social app of this era. This app is available on every common platform. To know more you can visit Wechat Website


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