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Monthly Archives: December 2014

AppReview: Civilization Revolution 2

Civilization Revolution 2



  1. New Civilization
  2. New Leaders
  3. New Technology
  4. New Units
  5. New Wonders And Buildings
  6. Awesome 3D Graphics
  7. Scenario Challenges


The Civilization games are always awesome. Specific classes of gamers are so much addicted to these classical games. Civilization Revolution 2 is one of them that is published and developed by 2K Games Inc. When civilization games in PC are at the top of popularity, then 2K Games Inc. brought Civilization Revolution 2 for mobile device. It’s now available in the popular platforms like iOS, Android and Windows. In iOS and Windows it’s not very new game. But For android users it’s a new game.


If you play this game, you will be addicted. A lot of fun and adventures are available in Civilization Revolution 2. Civilization Revolution 2 has come with new special features like new civilization, new leaders, new technology and units. It has awesome graphical interface, which helps you to get amazing gaming experience. You are strategy game lover or not, it’s not face. You will be lost in the game when you play Civilization Revolution 2. You can build the city with user suitable interface, awesome sound effect, 3D Graphics, new wonders and buildings. It has new leaders like Lenin, Lincoln and Bismarck etc. You can choose as your wish. By playing this game you can explore new cities, develop new technologies, build up the army etc. This allows you to win in many ways.
So don’t be late. Download and play this awesome game.


Disclaimer: The content of the above mobile app review are the opinions of the reviewers and is intended for informational, educational and discussion purposes only, and should not be used, interpret or relied upon as any form of recommendations. We does not endorse or accredit the mobile app. We make no representations or warranties with respect to the app for the company owned the app and the app developer developed the app.

AppReview: Asphalt 8

Asphalt 8

Airborne is an awesome arcade racing game. It’s one of the most popular racing game which is available in Android, iOS & Windows Phone.


1. Awesome Graphical Interface
2. High Quality Graphics
3. 56 New High Performance Car
4. Realistic Audio Immersion
5. New Wonderful Locations

Additional Information:
Average Rating: 4.5
Category: Racing
Publisher: Gameloft


Airborne is one of the super popular arcade racing game for smartphone platforms. Availability in most of the popular Operating systems like iOS, Android and Windows Phone and Windows has made it most popular. It’s a great creation of Gameloft which is a great game making company. It has high definition graphical interface and awesome realistic audio immersion. Its performance is fairly well in all platforms. Smooth performance, awesome gaming control, unique features are really the reasons of its top popularity.

Asphalt 8 Windows 8

Airborne has awesome and new elements which help you to get an awesome racing experience. It has 56 new luxurious and high performance cars included Ferrari FXX, Lamborghini Veneno, Bugatti Veyron and Pagani Zonda R etc. First time I mean in the beginning you can’t play with powerful and high performance cars. You need play game and earn money. Slowly, you will get enough credit to unlock your expected cars. By this way you can unlock the best car. You can use turbo to boost your speed for a certain period. Even you can jump. Asphalt 8: Airborne’s jumping is really a great experience. It’s just awesome. Many gamers target to jump more than win the game. Yes obviously Asphalt 8: Airborne has a lot of fun. So don’t be late download this game on your smartphone, tab or windows 8/ 8.1 PC.

Disclaimer: The content of the above mobile app review are the opinions of the reviewers and is intended for informational, educational and discussion purposes only, and should not be used, interpret or relied upon as any form of recommendations. We does not endorse or accredit the mobile app. We make no representations or warranties with respect to the app for the company owned the app and the app developer developed the app.

App Review: Star Cruises

Star Cruises


Being in a luxury cruise is just about the best way to spend some high quality vacation days. Of course, in going about securing a reservation or just plainly keeping tabs on a specific cruise, it can get difficult. This is particularly what mobile apps such as the Star Cruises App is invented for. With such an app, getting in touch with a certain Star Cruise has never been easier. It has been designed to make the Star Cruises experience memorable and all the more convenient.

The good thing about the Star Cruises app is that it somehow makes the booking part of the cruising experience very easy and very conveniently fast. One thing that the user will notice the moment the app is running is the ease and speed that it can process commands and just how much it is a breeze to go through. The interface is very user-friendly and, without a doubt, it can be used and operated by just about anyone who can use a phone or a tablet. One other thing that can be noticed is that though the interface is very simple and straightforward, it is still very stylish and never dull. Another great thing about this app is that it can be adapted for those who are not natural English speakers. It even has an enabled simplified Chinese content. Also, the user will have a lot of choices to avail of offers and promos as the app would be updated when discounts and promos are offered. Also, it is a very good place to look for other offers from other products as it now has enabled promotions for non-cruise products.

But despite the Star Cruises App being a very great app for cruise enthusiasts and vacation-goers, it is not perfect. For one thing, it cannot be downloaded and installed by just about any kind of version of Android. It has to be a 4.03 version of the Android OS or above. Another little annoyance that could be gotten from this App is that the offers and bookings that it provides are exclusively for Star Cruises ships. Though this is understandable because this is an exclusive app from Star Cruises, there are some who would still appreciate being able to compare and contrast it with other cruises.
All in all, the Star Cruises App is just about everything that someone planning to be or is in a Star Cruise, could really enjoy. It gives the user ease from the booking to the updates and keeping track of the activities all throughout the cruise. Though it is not without any flaws, this gem of an app is still very useful for users who really appreciate convenience.

Disclaimer: The content of the above mobile app review are the opinions of the reviewers and is intended for informational, educational and discussion purposes only, and should not be used, interpret or relied upon as any form of recommendations. We does not endorse or accredit the mobile app. We make no representations or warranties with respect to the app for the company owned the app and the app developer developed the app.

How Even an App with Very Few Downloads Can Build a Successful Business

Developers need to look beyond downloads to build their app businesses.

On the outside this sounds like a great idea. A lot of successful app developers have been saying this for a really long time.

So what do they really mean by this?

How do you build a business without worrying about downloads?

95% of the app developers currently make money using one of the following strategies:

Monetizing with Ads – this is the most preferred medium of monetizing an app for app entrepreneurs. An app developer integrates an Ad Network SDK in the app and then the app entrepreneur is paid based on the number of views the ads receive.

Monetizing with In-App Purchases – In-App purchases have very quickly turned into a preferred medium to monetize the apps. A lot of app developers release a free app and limit the functionality, slow down progress or show annoying ads in their free app. If a user wants to get rid of these constraints or annoyances, the user can make a payment inside the app. A well-implemented in-app purchase actually works pretty well and can generate a decent amount of revenue to the app entrepreneur.

Monetizing with Paid Apps – This strategy is losing its appeal as more and more apps move towards in-app purchases as their preferred strategy to monetize apps.

All the three strategies mentioned above work decently well and in fact many app developers have made millions based on the in-app purchase monetization strategy.

But the problem with all the above strategies is that each one of the above strategy has a very specific requirement to be successful.

Succeeding with Current App Monetization Models

Ads – For an app entrepreneur to make serious money with ads, the app needs to have been downloaded at least 100,000 times. Also just getting downloads is not good enough. Most apps lose a majority of their users very quickly. They have low retention and engagement metrics. Since your revenues from ads depend on the number of sessions, if your app loses users or has low engagement then you are not going to make any money from your app. For example, I was recently helping a game studio market their apps. Although we were able to increase the number of downloads through ASO, Facebook ads and other medium, the retention rate of the games was really poor. The app was getting close to 3,000 downloads per day but it was losing 95% of the users by day 2.

In-App Purchases – This type of monetization is the most profitable but at the same time also the most difficult to get right. Even large companies are known to spend huge amounts of money A/B testing their in-app purchase workflows to try to increase the number of people making in-app purchases. This strategy also relies on specific types of individuals to make money. The real money through in-app purchases is made when a game is able to acquire users who are referred to as “Whales”. These are the people who spend large amounts of money to purchase virtual currency to rapidly progress through an app or a game. The truth is that most app entrepreneurs are just not sophisticated enough to identify the “whales” and nurture them to make big money.

Paid Apps – There is not much point discussing this strategy, as it is widely known that the whole app store is moving towards the freemium model where app entrepreneurs are looking for alternate ways to make money, rather than making money by charging people for downloading the apps.

Enter the Invisible Way To Make Money From Apps
That’s why has some company decided that this had to change and as a result started working with a few other entrepreneurs to create a business model which allowed app entrepreneurs with even low number of downloads to make good money.

We call this model the Invisible Business Model for Apps.

This business model basically makes it possible for app entrepreneurs with even low download counts to make some good money. The app entrepreneurs also do not need to worry about the ad networks, user engagement, retention and a whole lot of other issues plaguing other apps.

This business model is truely a game changer.

Why Are Great Apps Shying Away From Push Messages?

Why Are Great Apps Shying Away From Push Messages?

We’ve been trained to smell spam from a mile away. We’ve been subjected to it for so long that we’ve developed a sixth sense that can detect it long before it even arrives in our inbox.

But email and push messages are fundamentally different. All it takes is for someone to get a hold of your email address, and they can send you as many emails as they want.

With push messages however, business can only send them to people who actually have their app installed on their phone. This means they’re already interested in your app and their spam sense is no longer heightened.

So why do some people still consider push messaging a form of spam? Because a few rotten apps have spoiled the barrel. There are thousands of app marketers who respect the valuable real estate on their users’ phones. But a select few have abused this privilege, constantly sending impersonal, uninteresting messages about how much they miss them. They’re doing it all wrong. We’ve found time and time again, that when app marketers spend time developing a strong push messaging strategy, it works.

“We’re just going to scare our users away.”

Does this image come to mind when you imagine users receiving your push notifications? Well then, you have quite the imagination! Here’s the real story: If you’re not sending push messages to your users, you’re missing out a huge opportunity to draw their attention and re-engage them. In fact, we’ve found that abandonment rate actually drops from 21% to 11% when users have push enabled.

But if you’re just sending blanket messages, you could be squandering this opportunity. Segmenting is a way to group your users by specific profile or behavioral data. For example, you may want to highlight a certain Alex Rodriguez steroids story to only those users who have viewed the baseball category in the past. Rather than try to craft a generic message that caters to your entire audience, this allows you to hone in on the messaging that you know will resonate with different personas.

“Only big brands can get away with sending push messages.”

It can be daunting knowing that your messages are potentially going against the likes of Tinder, Pinterest and Facebook. And true, you may have to work harder to prove your value, but you have just as much right to be on your users’ screens as they do. Don’t sell yourself short! They downloaded your app for a reason. If you can identify what they find so valuable, you can capitalize on this by sending them push messages you know they’ll respond to. Remember, your users have the chance to opt out of push messages for specific apps. If you’re doing it better than the big guys, then guess what? You’ll stay on their screen. They won’t.

“We would try it, but we have no clue what to write.”

Not everyone was born to be a copywriter. And if you’ve never done it before, it can be a bit overwhelming coming up with your first push message. Which stories do your customers care about? What types of sales would grab their attention? Both are valid questions. But you have to start somewhere. While it’s impossible to read your users’ minds, there are techniques to better understand what resonates with them. Here are a few tips to get you started:

1. A/B test

Also known as split-testing, this allows you to run one single marketing campaign with two alternate messages. Once you determine the winning copy, you can then use that as the control to test even more messages against. Think of it like a science experiment for push messages. How does this help you write your copy? It gives you a place to start. If something doesn’t work, you can change it and then have a benchmark to measure all future campaigns against.

2. Keep your messages clear and concise

It can be pretty tempting to be as detailed as possible with your push messages. Afterall, you don’t want to leave out the one nugget of info that triggers your users to click. But in fact, we’ve found that shorter is better. If your message is between 11 and 20 words, you’re on the right track. But if you keep it to 10 words or fewer, you can more than double your click-through-rate compared to long messages with more than 20 words long.

3. Use templates

Templates are one of the easiest ways to get those gears going when you can’t seem to think of anything. If you find yourself in this boat, try using one of our 8 push notification formulas to get that mojo flowing.

“No one has push messages enabled anymore.”

There’s been an ugly rumor going around lately – that no one enables push messages on their phones anymore. As much as SMS companies would love you to believe this, it’s simply not true. We’ve actually found that more people have them enabled than don’t! We sampled over 400 million devices and saw that 52% of users have push enabled. That’s a big chunk of your user base that you could be missing out on if you’re not using push.

“People don’t even pay attention to push messages.”

You’ve been there before. Waiting on an important phone call from your new crush or potential new job offer. You feel a slight vibration in your left pocket. “Is this it? Is this the one?!” you ask yourself. You pull out the phone with butterflies in your stomach, eyes wide, only to see that it’s a push notification from your Hipster Music app with the phrase, “Hipster? But I barely even know her!” As confusion, rage and disappointment simultaneously set in, you begin to question the very existence of modern technology, knowing that anything, even the infamous phantom vibrate, would’ve been better than that push notification.

It’s apps like Hipster Music that have left a sour taste in people’s mouths. But the reality is this: It’s not that people don’t pay attention to push messages, it’s that people don’t pay attention to bad push messages. Which means that if you do it right, your users will listen and possibly even act. In fact, we’ve found that app launches increase by 88% for users who have push enabled on their phones. And on average, it results in a retention rate that’s 3 times higher.

Engagement: From Download to Conversion

Maybe you’ve found yourself voicing one or all of these objections in the past. But now you know the facts. Push messaging is a unique opportunity to engage (and re-engage) your users from download to conversion. Equipped with the right tools, you can establish powerful conversations with your users that they’ll be sure to remember.