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App Review : Open Rice

Open Rice is one of Hong Kong’s most revered apps that reviews restaurants and recommends everything food related in this ever moving city. Online, people are invited to review restaurants with their own personalized username and then review the restaurants with detailed reviews rating them with smiley faces that range from delicious to vomit worthy. The website and app is highly popular among the local Cantonese people and foreign expats alike. As Hong Kong isn’t as spread out as most cities, it’s easy to navigate the search fields of: location, restaurant type, budget and ratings.

As most large cities have a wealth of food bloggers, although peppered in Hong Kong, there are not many of note. There are more popular food and travel Instagrammers than famous bloggers. In that absence, that’s where the beauty of OpenRice App arrives. On the app, one can follow certain food reviewers that use OpenRice to double as their blog. The HK app development team probably was planning their design around the fact that many people would be using this app almost like a food blog. Reviewers can rant and rave about restaurants with tens of thousands of readers, who can act as their following. In the world of Mom & Pop restaurants, which is famously Hong Kong, this can make or break the business. OpenRice also allows submitters to even add their own restaurant if they haven’t found it yet to review!

Another bonus of the OpenRice app is that it has location based search terms. So if opened while walking in Central, the app will tell you the nearest available places based on your search criteria. While Hong Kong isn’t a large place, this app makes it extremely handy to find somewhere to eat. The app developer must have taken into consideration the popularity of the website, which shines UX.

Open Rice is also famous for advertising and marketing schemes when it comes to businesses working with the Hong Kong app and website. Available to the advertising teams are front page marketing, pop up ads when opening the app and downloadable coupons and vouchers for customers to use at certain restaurants. With the days of Groupon, who offers dirt cheap deals and cuts the business financially, OpenRice can help improve important reviews that can influence business while still increasing sales with restaurant coupons.

OpenRice, both the website and app, have become highly influential players in the Hong Kong F&B marketplace. The ease of which to navigate the app in both Chinese and English leaves many customers without wanting more as all food locations can be included. Unparalleled in this thriving city, OpenRice app brings the ease of finding a place to eat based on budget, reviews and location. The app development team was able to create a beautifully designed app that functions as well. By being able to find any restaurant within walking distance and using location based services, OpenRice allows personal insight into the Hong Kong app market.

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