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Monthly Archives: 二月 2014

App Review : SodaCard App

One of the hottest new apps on the Hong Kong market is the SodaCard app. SodaCard is a rewards company that works with different restaurants and establishments around Hong Kong that provides rewards to customers based on their visits to each place. All Soda cards and the app are complimentary and are designed to be used at affiliated establishments to provide loyalty rewards. The customer receives points per check in with the app which provides location based services for checking in. The rewards are different at each establishment and being able to cash out the rewards is different as well.

For instance, if the customers have checked in and received a certain amount of points, there are different rewards with each establishment and a different reward system. Notably, it is easy to understand that with the more points collected the bigger the reward. For instance, Hokkaido Dairy Farm, whom is a restaurant member of the SodaCard App, offers milk teas, lunch sets and snacks as their rewards. It is to be noted that the SodaCard app only requires customers to check in at the establishments and does not require purchases.

The SodaCard app has checkin points available near a point of sale where the customers are encouraged to take a physical card or use their phone app to take a picture. Both foreign and local establishments have decided to get this app and help contribute to their business as well as the entire Hong Kong F&B market. The Soda app has been developed to drive brand loyalty and awareness in the region and it seems to be a success so far.

The SodaCard team created a sleek and sexy Soda app that keeps the customer engaged and visually pleased. The app is easy to access and streamlined so there is no questioning when it comes navigation. The app is delivered in Chinese or English and the app design is flawless in either language.

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对于美容业来说,用作购物的手机应用程式一点也不陌生。但除了购物的时候外, 消费者会使用该应用程式吗?答案当然是不会。所以,单靠购物手机应用是不够的,你需要一个有趣又实用的应用程式,让消费者记得你的品牌。

巴黎欧莱雅(L’Oréal Paris) 曾推出一个名为“Color Genius – L’Oréal Paris“的应用,帮消费者配搭最适合她们装扮的指甲油颜色。这是一个非常有效的市场策略,人们在使用此应用同时,亦记住了”L’Oréal Paris“。