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  • AppReview: Yoga Trainer

    Features: Instructional Graphics Alarm facility Best Youtube Videos For Yoga Rules and Benefits of yoga Usable for both men and women Nearby Yoga Centers or trainer for help Review: Yoga […]

  • AppReview: Tom Tom App

    Driving the car without knowing the destination has always been the challenge for driver. You got to do with an extensive travelling job, but sometimes fall in absolute disarray to […]

  • AppReview: Disney Tsum Tsum

    Disney Tsum Tsum is a popular plush toy line which has quickly become a mobile app in Japan. It’s a fast puzzle game which keeps the players on their toes. […]

  • How News Apps Could Be Amazing In The Future

    Smartphone is seven years old and yet, when it comes to designing mobile applications, but still barely scratching the surface. And we should see how technology unleash great potential. Mobile […]