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WOLL, cookware app with social sharing function

WOLL, a well-known Germany cookware brand released its’ app on Google Play store and Apple App store. Woll aims to create a healthy lifestyle platform which educates healthy cooking concept, provides discount price to exchange cookware, and to share cooking knowledge & healthy cooking recipes.

Healthy dining is very important for busy families in the modern world. The cooking method and cookware become a fundamental and important part of healthy dining obviously. All kitchenware sold in WOLL are international well-known brands which assure quality. For instance, 100% German made cookware brand WOLL, ergonomic cutting board brand Epicurean from America, stainless steel kitchenware brand Triangle from Germany, gadget brand ZYLISS from Switzerland, and lifestyle brand Full Circle from HK, America and etc.

WOLL will upload healthy cooking recipes and healthy life content to the “healthy cooking” column regularly. Besides, users can share their cooking experiences with photos to the “self-cooking space” and gain support via clicking “like”. Users can view other users’ posts to gain inspiration. Through the interaction with other users, both of them can receive benefit.

The app also contains “exchange center”. Users can earn diamond points through different methods. For example, register for WOLL app, share the posts in “healthy cooking’, upload posts to “self-cooking space”, share product information and join different activities. The diamond points earned can be exchanged for cookware for free or up to 50% off discount. After purchased any WOLL cookware, consumers can register for warranty in the app.

To start a healthy lifestyle through cooking, download WOLL mobile apps via Google Play Store or Apple App Store at once!

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Why you need MVP (Minimum Viable Product) and Prototype while developing your app?

Can’t wait to get your new idea to the market? Honestly, the market is already littered with apps that went all-in and failed to meet customer needs.

In order to minimize the aforementioned risk and to show a successful “Proof Of Concept” (POC) to your investors. You need to launch the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) & Prototype as to obtain consumer feedback first and furthermore to modify your app based on those received comments and responses.

Mobile application development is a great example of MVP concept. Years ago, native apps were designed and coded according to customers’ specifications. However by the time the app got completed, customer and market needs might inevitably changed.

Now you have three choices: 1) You can build a basic app (MVP or Prototype), 2) enhanced, or 3) with ultimate level, all-in! To be a MVP, the mobile app only need those basic functions, by no means to have the fully featured product at the very beginning stage. Thus, when you start with the MVP, you can limit your risks, both time and money, by reducing your initial investment and on the other hand maximize your returns by producing a more desired finished product in future based on the MVP.

Although wireframes could show the blueprint and the texture of the design, nothing brings you closer to your desired app than prototyping. The app may look great on the screen, but you never know if it works on end users until the clickable prototype. Prototypes not only use to help on providing the “Proof Of Concept” (POC), more importantly as to show any usability flows behind the wireframes and the concept.

App Review : The Entertainer

The Entertainer app is a new luxury app available around Asia and the Middle East. The app provides discounts and deals based on location and where you are looking for deals. In the land of hk apps development, The Entertainer is a timely addition with low cost discount companies like Groupon coming along. Although with The Entertainer, their rival may be Twangoo online, but we have yet to see them do any HK app development.

Within the Hong Kong community, it is widely known that luxury is a must in Hong Kong. When it comes to luxury brands and the local culture, everyone is always hunting for a deal. The Entertainer app provides deals on location bases, so when you are walking around a certain area or city, you are provided with all the deals for that area. Unlike Groupon, which is free, The Entertainer proves its luxury status by only taking customers who buy the physical book or the app. The price varies depending on what package you buy but starts at around $150 HKD or above.

The app developer who created The Entertainer app made sure to keep it light and adaptable to location, as it clearly updates every time you move location. If using the map while transporting across Hong Kong you can see the updates as you move. It’s a great distribution asset when thinking of HK app development. As the app trends become different, it’s important for developers to focus on new and improved aspects when it comes to customers viewing experiences. There are a lot of apps that may be useful but from a UX standpoint don’t hold up. Well planned and developed UX is crucial in app design, especially in Hong Kong where there are a plentiful amount of app developers around. A team that can specialize with a unique product and well designed UX, will be a winning team.

Another luxury of The Entertainer is that it is not only Hong Kong specific, the development team took into account the frequency of travel in Hong Kong. People here as among other large Asian cities, travel with ease and would definitely like the ability to reap benefits from the most frequented destinations such as : Dubai, Singapore, Johannesburg and London. One of the best deals, especially for travelers, is that The Entertainer offers 2 for 1 nights stay when it comes to hotels around the world. Obviously, prices and dates may vary but when thinking of traveling and using a discount app while still maintaining a sense of luxury, The Entertainer goes above and beyond

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Disclaimer: The content of the above mobile app review are the opinions of the reviewers and is intended for informational, educational and discussion purposes only, and should not be used, interpred or relied upon as any form of recommendations. We does not endorse or accredit the mobile app. We make no representations or warranties with respect to the app for the company owned the app and the app developer developed the app.

Why Your Company Should Create a Business App

– IT drives Sales

* 55% consumers’ time spent with online retail happened on a mobile device Vs 45% on computers

– Increase Customer Engagement

* Keeping your audience engaged has never been easier by the Push notification message

– Instant Enrollment

* Enrollment is simple and fast. Users can enroll to the app by scanning a barcode/QR code.

– Custom Branding

* Can be a huge differentiator, especially if you’re in a non-digital field.

– Quicker Customer Support

* Real time communication and data availability can assist experts in providing quick support

– Work the way you live

* People are increasingly using smartphones in their private lives and expect to have the same capabilities at work.