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WE (WORK as ELITE) Consultation

Accord Apps Development & Marketing has been adhering to the professional service spirit of “WORK as ELITE” for decades since our establishment, providing our valued customers with different types of information technology and digital marketing services. Today, the information technology industry is developing vigorously. There are all kinds of technology projects in the market, but at the same time, there are many variations and different in quality!

Being as the industry elite, we sincerely launch a brand-new “WE C.A.R.E.” consulting service for you. We turn our hands to the existing I.T. projects and take diagnosis through our one-stop WE C.A.R.E. services.

Who needs “WE C.A.R.E.”:
(1) Do you think that your existing I.T. projects do not meet the expected quality?
(2) Do you think that your system’s operation performance is often unsatisfactory?
(3) You are struggling how to take over the poor services of the former developer?
(4) The existing system is outmoded and do not know how to replace it?


To discover the problems of the system, user-side performance must be checked from the most basic usage scale. We are going to check from the user-friendliness of the system design, layout and appearance design, page loading and page-jumping time, smoothness, etc., through an all-rounded inspection, system testing, and found the system error.


After checking at the client level, further in-depth coding audits can help identify the root cause of system problems. We will directly read and test the original source code as to determine the former developer’s coding methodology, and then effectively find the corresponding solutions.


In order to allow customers to understand the causes and consequences of system errors and their corresponding solutions, we will prepare a comprehensive testing report after the code audit. In the test report, we will completely tell our customer about the system problems, and provide some practical suggestions for customers.


A suitable system can naturally provide customers with corresponding work efficiency. We will optimize the code, the system, and even better user experience design, as to maximize the work efficiency of the system.

Cases Sharing

CASE (1)

PLATFORM: Social Voting Web App

CAUSES: The start-up was short of initial funds, so they chose a low-cost developer

PROBLEMS: Preloading and page jumping time were very slow, and the interface design and layout were also unreasonable

OUR SOLUTIONS: After an in-depth coding audit, we found that the application was written in a very naive way. We believed that the original developer outsourced this project to a very junior programmer as to save costs. After we re-edited the source code, the response time of the web application finally became reasonable. The interface design and layout has also been greatly improved. After a short period of re-operation, customer traffic increased significantly.

CASE (2)

PLATFORM: Dating Website

CAUSES: The customer mistakenly thought that the template website was enough to meet the needs of their business.

PROBLEMS: The user experience of the website was very poor and thus suffered lots of customers’ complaints; and the website also not able to add extra functions.

OUR SOLUTIONS: Generally speaking, template website is more suitable for informative (i.e. text-based) content. But if you want to have more interactive features, native design is the best choice. After an in-depth investigation, we found that the original developer did not inform the customer about the limitations of building a template website, and thus caused the customer to misjudge the situation. Finally, we listed a number of remedies in the test report for customers’ reference. Therefore, they can improve the website’s operating performance without losing existing customers.

CASE (3)

PLATFORM: Mobile App

CAUSES: In order to catch up with the deadline, customers mistakenly believed that the original developer can launch a live broadcasting platform within a short period of time.

PROBLEMS: After our customer paid a huge cost for this rush order, the live broadcast platform was still eventually unsuccessful to launch.

OUR SOLUTIONS: The reason was that in order to save time and increase profits, the original developers used some outmoded modules for development without the knowledge of customers. Moreover, the original developer did not understand the rules and requirements from App Store, which led to the failure of launch for many times. After our hard work, the original developer successfully launched this mobile app under our guidance.

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