A happy professional, is a creative, productive, efficient person.

We are happy to welcome new, budding IT professionals to become a part of our company, to grow and nurture their talent and gain more along the way. Our goal is to invite individuals to work with us, and become a part of our very nurturing professional environment.

Why Join our Team?

In applying to become a part of a company, you get to enjoy the following experiences being a part of our working and learning environment:

Team of Professionals Who Foster Creativity, Growth, and Learning

Our company is composed of professionals who foster creativity, growth, and further learning. We are backed up by a team of individuals who value individuality and unique creativity, giving each other room for improvement and growth. While we take our work seriously, we never forget to have fun! As mentioned, we believe that happy individuals make for better professionals– and we take pride in being able to work by the same ideals.

A Company that Encourages Work-Life Balance

Our working environment and culture is one that is shaped by our own individualities, working together in harmony towards the same goal. We believe that Brilliant people attract Brilliant people– and this is exactly how we would like to find new people to work with us on our team. We welcome like-minded people; or those who are smart, intuitive, and open-minded. We also desire someone who values work-life balance, and one who sees every experience as an opportunity for positive change and personal improvement.

A Conducive Working Environment

To begin with, our offer is a conducive working environment We create a positive working environment where one is given ample resources and materials to work on along the way. We also provide ample guidance to our team in the every project we work on. We offer 5 working days per week, and we allow our staff to spend 10% of their time in a week to spend studying a new skill, or improving their present ones. We call this the 10/90 rule.

Opportunities for Joint Ventures

New staff who have creative and unique ideas in line with our industry also get incentives from our company as they pursue their new project. Among these incentives include generously funding their project, with the help of our kind investors as well. We are open for joint ventures with either people from our team, or with those interested to avail of the resources we are willing to lend in order to achieve the fruition of any interesting and unique IT projects.

Our Selection Process

Being a part of our team (not to brag!) is a sure opportunity to hone your skills and talents in the IT field. People who work with us boast an extensive array of experiences in the industry; not to mention, having gained a lot of skills along the way.

With this, we are seeking brilliant team-players and professionals to fill in our different company roles and positions.

If you think you could be the one we are looking for, please prepare the following as a part of your application:

*    A 2-minute video cover letter, stating three reasons why you want to join us
*    A Resume in pdf / Microsoft Words format.
*    Any links to your previous project, manifesting your skills and competencies matching the job applied for

Send the following requirements to: [email protected]

We are excited to hear from you! Send in your applications now and be part of a dynamic, fun, and encouraging team!

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